Jessica Pardoe, la più alta del reame

  Dal Mail online del 25 luglio 2011: La maggior parte delle sue coetanee ama completare il proprio abbigliamento con un paio di tacchi vertiginosi. Ma con un’altezza di 2 metri e 06 e un piede 46,5 a Jessica Pardoe non capita spesso di indossare un tacco a spillo. Per la teenager più alta del […]

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Does jealousy really depend on height?

I have found this interesting article on “Newscientist” website. I don’t know about you, but I am really jealous, could it really be it all depends on my height? 😉 Jealous lovers will wish they could adjust the height of their heels, for the power of the green-eyed monster depends on how tall you are. […]

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Height is not a fault

…it’s always the same story! Very tall people, especially very tall women, have to stand all sorts of humiliating and embarrassing comments on their stature. How many times have you gone out with people that gave in to the temptation to say things like “Oh my god, you are tall!” or “You are taller than […]

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Hi everybody and welcome to the English section of! Since my second job is as translator, I had the idea of writing something for our foreign friends too. I was very pleased to see that we are having visits from all over Europe, the Americas and India and China too! Since I am not […]

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